The electrical trade is not just about climbing electrical poles and pulling wires. It is a skilled trade that is vast and exciting. Many incredible opportunities come with the trade that is worth exploring. Once you are Red Seal certified, you are unstoppable. If you desire to explore, work in a unique location, or are inclined to excitement and precision, the electrical trade might be the right fit for you.

Locally known, Jim Lofty is a perfect example of the successes the electrical trade can offer. “I joined the trade and the union in 1990 and completed my apprenticeship in 1994. I am currently the Business Manager/Financial Secretary of the IBEW Local 213 located in Port Coquitlam, BC.” Jim’s passion for the electrical trade is evident through his actions and words. “I really took to the trade. I enjoy working with my hands. I loved being an electrician and still do to this day.”

The first step in becoming Red Seal Certified is to get the proper training and education to ensure your success in the industry. Port Coquitlam’s Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) is the best place to start. Their highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers are dedicated to supporting and training their students to the highest standard in the electrical industry to ensure a successful apprenticeship and career. The EJTC’s educators’ dedication to their students is evident through the time and efforts they put into making sure the students understand the material in the classroom and when they enter the field.

Once you are Red Seal certified, you can be employed anywhere in Canada or potentially overseas as the Canadian Red Seal certification is recognized in certain countries.

Seaspan is an excellent example of a unique place to work as an electrician. Seaspan is located on the Pacific Northwest Coast and has shipyards throughout Vancouver and Victoria, BC. A marine electrician’s job involves repairing or replacing wiring equipment and fixtures, examining electrical wiring and equipment, testing, inspecting, diagnosing faulty equipment, etc. There are plenty of opportunities to work on our local ferries, shipyards, and large ships at sea. If you love water and the great outdoors, what better place to work than on or near the sea. 

If you’re craving excitement in a precise and demanding environment, working as a high voltage electrician might be the perfect job for you. High voltage electricians are highly skilled and qualified workers who work with extremely high voltage in heavy machinery, electrical systems, high powerlines and much more. We owe a huge thanks to these electricians for preventing and repairing large power outages in times of need.

There are many different avenues to take as an electrician, and there are plenty of opportunities to do what interests you!

Contact the Electrical Joint Training Committee for more information on the electrical trade.

Written by: Savannah Davis, ClearWater Communications Co.