Tara Riordan used to be an Early Childhood Educator. She thoroughly enjoyed her work and thrived in that atmosphere. Although, when Covid came into effect, it took a toll on Tara, as it did for most, and
everything changed. Eventually, the school she worked at was shut down, and suddenly, she found herself
out of work for about seven months.

Like most, Tara was looking to make a change at that time. “I’d constantly be thinking of my future and
what I was hoping for it, and I realized; as much as I loved what I was doing, I needed to make a change
that would be better for me, align with my goals, and support me in the long run.”

Tara had known and heard about the EJTC for multiple years through friends and family and heard about
the excellent work culture they nourished. “It always seemed like such a positive and productive
atmosphere. When a work opportunity opened, I knew I had to jump on it.”

Tara is currently the Intake Coordinator at the EJTC and has been for the past two years. “My main role is
to help new and seasoned apprentices get started on their journey into the electrical trade. I also
coordinate our journeyperson courses. We do journeyperson upgrading courses three times a year, and I
get to help them get into the courses they need to update their skills.”

“When I started at the EJTC, it was a bit of a challenge.” It was her first time working in an office, starting
from the ground up. There is a lot to learn about the electrical trade, and Tara is hugely thankful to have
the support of the EJTC’s highly passionate and knowledgeable team who care about what they do by her
side. “In my opinion, they’re the best of the best!”

“One of my greatest passions about what I do is that I get to play a role in creating a well-rounded and
diverse workforce. I feel proud that I can be a part of helping someone enter and attain their dream career, and it brings me joy to welcome people from all different walks of life, ages, genders, etc., into the
workforce. It feels good to get such a diverse group of people started on their journey into the electrical

Written by: Savannah Davis, ClearWater Communications Co.