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Making the Grade

Electrician Apprenticeship Requirements

An apprenticeship with the IBEW is a five-year program. To become an apprentice and qualify for the program, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • The minimum prerequisites for an apprenticeship with the IBEW Local 213 are high school completion with English 12 (or Communications 12), Precalculus 12 (or Principles of Math 12) and Physics 11. However, graduates of an accredited Electrical Foundations course are requested most often.  Check out our EJTC Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) course to get started today!
  • Good electricians require mathematical and mechanical aptitude, an analytical approach to problem solving, physical strength, manual dexterity, good hand-eye coordination and an ability to work at heights.
  • Additional skills include an ability to read and interpret drawings and electrical code specifications. Electrical workers are knowledgeable about computerized machinery and efficient with hand tools. Since electrical wires are colour-coded, good eyesight and colour vision are vital.

If you can complete the five-year program, and pass an interprovincial standards exam, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification, with a Red Seal endorsement recognized across Canada, and a Certificate of Apprenticeship.