As we move into an increasingly renewable future, Canada strives to become a green, clean, and sustainable country. Although transportation remains one of our most significant sources of climate pollution, BC is making a significant effort to help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, through the promotion of Electric Vehicle (EV) usage.
According to a provincial government news release, with more than 2,500 public charging stations and limited-time incentives, BC is home to one of the largest charging networks in Canada.

The Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) is continuously growing its presence in the renewable energy sector. In May 2021, the EJTC contributed to the solar market by installing solar panels to their electrical training center. Their most recent contribution to the renewable energy sector is the installation of a DC fast charger (electrical vehicle charging station), installed at their already energy-efficient electrical training center in the Port Coquitlam area.
According to the provincial government, with over 54,000 light-duty electric vehicles now registered in BC, EV’s are selling in record numbers. What better time than now to install a DC fast charger for the public that can charge an electric vehicle in 20-45 minutes depending on battery size, giving drivers the ability to add range quickly. This high-speed EV charger is here to support and encourage EV drivers and post-pandemic travelers with a quick and reliable place to charge up.

The EJTC would like to thank their incredibly talented partner, Houle Electric, for the installation of the DC fast charger. Houle is currently the only electrical contractor and systems integrator in British Columbia with province-wide mobilization and offers various services. Their commitment to safety, quality, ethics, and integrity has made them a perfect partner for this installation.

The DC fast charger was funded by Clean BC as well as the EJTC. Clean BC protects our communities by fighting climate change, leading us to a stronger, more sustainable, and brighter future.