As a 3rd-year apprentice with the Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC), Camille Cacnio enjoys working in a fun, positive environment and makes sure she is always prepared for the playful banter before each workday begins. She is a quick learner with a strong work ethic that she brings to every job site. Although Camille is getting towards the end of her apprenticeship program, this is not where her story began.

Upon completion of high school, Camille studied biology at UBC. She struggled with finding internships and jobs within her desired line of work. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities and high university fees, Camille began exploring job listings on Craigslist and stumbled upon The B.C.’s Women In Trades Training (BCCWITT).

BCCWITT is a non-profit organization funded by the government. They provide a range of services, support, mentorship, and training for women, indigenous people, and other under-represented groups interested in making a career in the trades. Camille has always enjoyed working with her hands but never thought of the trades as a path she could take. Although this line of work was unfamiliar, Camille was ready to embrace this new opportunity.

During her training with BCCWITT, Camille discovered a passion for learning the science behind how things work. She was able to incorporate her knowledge in math and science and was encouraged to join the electrical apprenticeship program with the EJTC. The EJTC program has been an incredibly positive experience for Camille, “the teachers were great and very helpful to everyone…I wish that I knew about this sooner”. She has created many rewarding relationships both within the EJTC school and with helpful mentors, she finds at every job site. Camille is now three years into her apprenticeship: pulling wire, making cable trays, glanding, terminating, installing electrical equipment (lights, strobes, panels, etc.), and much more. Although at times physically challenging, Camille appreciates the hands-on aspects of the job along with the friendships she has made within her work crew; “the people are funny!”. This past year, Camille has had the opportunity to work for Neptune Terminals on Vancouver’s North Shore. She works on rotation: fourteen days on, seven days off, working twelve-hour days. Camille is now thriving in this challenging work environment; this truly is a great accomplishment.

Joining the EJTC apprenticeship program has been a life-changing experience for Camille. Her training and work opportunities have given her confidence in her capabilities while providing her with financial freedom and independence. Camille is happy and proud to be working with and supporting her trades, brothers and sisters. Through the electrical apprenticeship program, the EJTC is actively engaged in the community, provides the attention that you need, and is something that Camille is proud to be apart of.

If you’re curious about a career in the electrical trades, you can learn about entry-level courses at the Electrical Joint Training Committee here:

Written by: Savannah Davis, ClearWater Communications Co.