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BC’s construction industry is just coming out of a downturn caused by the global market meltdown but the underlying need for qualified trades-people is still of great concern. The skills shortage caused by the retirement of the baby-boomer generation coupled with market demands are looming factors in the construction industry. As such, electrical contractors are once again seeking men and women who are prepared to learn an electrical trade.

The best way to start a career and become a skilled electrician is through workplace-based training under the direction of experienced workers. This kind of hands-on training is called apprenticeship, and many people say becoming an apprentice was their best career decision. If you think a career as an electrician is for you, apply for an apprenticeship today. The future is waiting!

The Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) offers one of the highest quality apprenticeship programs in BC. We are a Designated institute with Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of BC. Our apprentices become members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 213, and as union members, receive ongoing training, upgrading and access to higher wages, benefits and job security.

The EJTC is a partnership between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 213 and the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) of BC. We have been providing apprenticeship training in BC for more than 100 years, and we are proud of our record of service and quality.

Benefits of Being an EJTC Apprentice


Skilled Trades play an important role in our economy and our society. They contribute directly to the building of our communities.

Career Opportunities

As an apprentice, you receive post-secondary education through on-the-job training and in-school learning. This provides you with the skills to work across Canada. Experienced electricians may advance to supervisory positions as foremen, superintendents, estimators or electrical inspectors. With some money and management skills, many electricians start their own contracting business.

Good Pay

People in skilled trades are rewarded for their efforts with good pay. In fact, as an apprentice, you can start making money right away because you “earn while you learn”. Skilled construction workers in BC earn $65,000 per year on average. The number of BC construction workers over 40 years of age is rising, and many are approaching retirement. It’s a good time to enter the skilled construction trades. A new apprentice who enters construction today and continues to learn, may well be earning more than $100,000 per year after completion and becoming a journeyperson.


Ongoing Training and Support

When you join our apprenticeship program, you join a team of over 750 apprentices working for IBEW Local 213 signatory contractors. We care about our apprentices. The EJTC coordinates all aspects of an individual’s apprenticeship with the Industry Training Authority (ITA). Scheduling of technical training, reporting and tracking of hours, term advancements and final sign-off to journeyperson status are all functions directly supported by the EJTC for each and every one of our apprentices.

You get the most highly qualified instructors in the electrical field and the attention you need to do your best. The EJTC is the best route for entry into a career as a skilled electrician in BC. Through us, you qualify for union wages, benefits and continued skills upgrading on the job.

  • EJTC Apprentice Advantage

    Our Apprentices Become Red Seal Electricians

    Due to the hands-on support the EJTC Apprenticeship Team provides to our apprentices, we have one of the highest completion rates across all the apprentice trades in British Columbia.

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    When you complete the Entry Level Trades Training program at our campus, the EJTC registers you as a BC apprentice with the Industry Training Authority. The ITA is the provincial body that certifies skilled tradespeople.

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    The EJTC works with our sponsoring union, the International Union of Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 213, and with electrical contractors, to find ongoing employment for apprentices.

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    The EJTC’s Apprenticeship Coordinators will work with you to keep track of your work-related hours. We schedule your technical training at a BC college – most often the BC Institute of Technology, although there are other choices. Best of all, there is no waiting time for EJTC apprentices at BC colleges – you will start your classes as soon as you’re ready to train.

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    Pay Increases

    As you progress through your apprenticeship you receive pay increases every six months, based on the IBEW union agreement with your employer. The EJTC ensures that you will receive these increases, and notifies you when they are coming.

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    Because of the support we provide to apprentices, your chance of completing your apprentice program is very high. When you have passed through all your formal training and have logged the required number of hours, you are certified as a Construction Electrician with the Industry Training Authority. Success in an interprovincial exam gives you a Red Seal, recognized across Canada as your ticket to mobility in the electrical trades.

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