Apprenticeship FAQs

An electrical apprenticeship with the Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) is a five year (9000 hour) training program that combines both classroom instruction with on-the-job training and experience.

To reach journeyperson status, after completion of the apprenticeship program, the apprentice must pass an interprovincial standards exam to receive a Certificate of Qualification with an interprovincial Red Seal endorsement and a Certificate of Apprenticeship.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213 and signatory electrical contractors have decided contractually, that an additional 1800 hours of work experience as a pre-apprentice is necessary. Accordingly, this is a requirement of the Electrical Joint Training Committee – the ITA sponsor for all electrical apprentices working for signatory contractors throughout the jurisdiction of the IBEW L.213.


We must ensure that you have the three (3) prerequisite courses for electrical apprenticeship successfully completed. Foreign transcripts will need to be evaluated by a credential evaluation service. See for more information. Please note that it takes approximately 4 weeks to obtain an evaluation report, which must be submitted before the deadline with your application form, transcript and resume.

Please note that the prerequisite courses for electrical apprenticeship and for our Electrical Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) course do differ slightly.

To some degree, this depends on the province you are from. Contact the EJTC office for details.