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Committee Structure

The Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) is comprised of five union Directors from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 213, four contractor Directors from the Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia (ECA of BC) and one contractor Director from the Marine Employers. The Directors provide their services on a voluntary basis without remuneration.

  • IBEW Local 213: The IBEW Local 213 is responsible for organizing in their jurisdiction, for collective bargaining, and for representing their members in matters arising out of employer/employee relationships.
  • ECA of BC: The ECA of BC is a province-wide organization working for the advancement of the electrical contracting industry.

IBEW Local 213 Representatives

  • Adam Van Steinburg EJTC Vice President
  • John Pesa EJTC Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jim Lofty
  • Sandra Brynjolfson 
  • Rob Greer (Marine Sector)

IBEW Local 213 Alternate

  • Mike Logan

ECA of BC Representatives

  • Graham Trafford, Mott Electric EJTC President
  • Mark Bemister, Bemister Electric
  • Sean Murphy, Houle Electric
  • Brian Beddow, Western Pacific Enterprises

Marine Sector Management Representatives

  • Doug McLaren, Allied Shipyards

ECA of BC Alternates

  • Deborah Cahill, ECA of BC

Marine Sector Management Alternate

  • Dan Southern, Seaspan