It’s green, it’s clean… it’s the future. Electricity generated by the sun is the fastest growing renewable energy source worldwide, and Canadians are beginning to embrace this sustainable energy source with open arms. According to the Roadmap 2020: Powering Canada’s Future with Solar Electricity, CanSIA explains the rapid growth of electricity generated by the sun in Canada. Much of this growth derives from the Ontario solar market, currently leading Canada’s solar electricity sector. Although Ontario is in the lead, other Canadian provinces are taking steps to grow and harness the solar market.

As we emerge from the current pandemic, there is a lot of talk about green and just recovery. As stated by the BC Green Caucus, “Building forward and not back, means driving spending towards investments that will shape an innovative, low-carbon, sustainable, just and inclusive economy for all”. As Canadians shift away from fossil fuels and prepare for the future, what better time than the present to create future green jobs and opportunities for ALL through electricity generated by the sun.

The Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) is continuously growing its presence in the solar electrical sector. The EJTC is developing a highly diverse workforce creating opportunities that include all societal groups in all walks of life for our future’s green jobs. Their latest contribution to the solar market was the installation of solar panels on their already energy-efficient electrical training center in the Port Coquitlam area. The installation includes: 

  • Canadian Solar C26K-280P PV panels, 280W rated
  • AE Systems YC600 microinverters
  • Rated output is 26.9kW, with an estimated annual production of 31MWh
  • The system fix tilt is 35 degrees

The EJTC would like to acknowledge and thank their incredibly talented partner, United Power. They donated their time, equipment, and highly trained team to install the EJTC’s new solar panels. Their knowledge, hard work, and excellent customer service expertise are what made this project a success, contributing to a bright and sustainable future.

The EJTC promotes green, clean, sustainable, and renewable energy through extensive and thorough training to prepare a diverse workforce for these exciting and plentiful green jobs of the future. Their next step is to add more solar installations, a fast charger, and battery storage technology for energy retention and training. The EJTC encourages you to follow them on social media to see how they are building a diverse workforce for the future and carrying on the path of green into the renewable world. The future is bright!

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